Randha Falls

Near Bhandardara dam (around 5 km).
There is a Ghorpada Devi Temple to visit on the way to the falls as well. Parking fees of 20 is charged for cars.

Temple has constructed walkways, photoshoot spots which makes viewing the falls safer than before.There are huge beehives on the other side.

Umbrella Falls

Umbrella falls at the corner of the dam.
There is a little foot bridge that connects the Pravara River that one can use to cross and enjoy a closer look at the falls and the dam.

This waterfall is visible only when water is released from the Bhandardara dam.

Bhandardara Dam

The sunset boat ride at Arthur Lake is very enjoyable. The rides are open even as late as 7pm, & charge around 200 bucks for an hrs ride.

Arthur Lake

Also popularly known as Bhandardara Lake; came into existence when Wilson dam was built across Pravara River. Set like a huge jewel amidst dense canopied forests of the Sahyadri hills at a height of 750 meters, this lake is one of the country’s largest lakes.

Amruteshwar Temple

Amruteshwar temple is around 15 kms from Shendi village, where most of the resorts are located.

The drive to this temple is very interesting, as the drive has many types of terrain.

Agasti Rishi Ashram

Situated on the bank of the Pravara River, this legendary dwelling finds a place in the scripts of the Ramayana. Different mythical stories are associated with Rishi Agasti. According to the one, Rishi gave lord Rama a miraculous arrow by which he killed Ravana. 

Mount Kalsubai

A trekker’s paradise; towering over Bhandardara like a watchful sentinel at almost 5500 feet above the sea, it is the highest peak in Maharashtra. The peak is said to take its name from a Koli girl named Kalsu.

The peak has a small temple dedicated to Devi Kalsu on the bit of platform only a few yards in circumference, with an old well in its backyard. Many Kolis worship her as their household goddess.


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Hotel Surya at Bhandardara


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